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  • Sony E 16mm f/2.8 SEL16F28

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    small great sharpness throughout most of the frame
    very extreme edges are soft up to 5.6

    It is easy to bash this lens as it seems popular item to be negative about, but my experience is quite the opposite - this is wonderful little jewel and beautifully sharp, specially considering its size and the fact that it is APS-C sized lens. It is better than most 24mm 2.8 FF lenses and just joy to use. Highly recommended.

    See many original size sample on my dpreview gallery ( ) or on my flickr page:

    or just check this random shot developed in LR3 by using lens profile - gets rid CA and becomes quite sharper - wondering if this review was done with RAW file or JPEG:

    reviewed December 8th, 2010 (purchased for $150)