How to get your no-strings $25-off coupon from IR partner Adorama!

Thanks for your interest in our first offering for the IR Buyer's Club!

This will be an ongoing and very much expanding project, bringing special deals to the IR community; this is just the first of what we believe will be many special offers and deals to come, with gear prices you won't find advertised anywhere.

For this first offer, we have a coupon good for $25 off an order of $250 or more from Adorama.

The details:

  • You get a coupon code worth $25 off an order with one item worth more than $250 in it
  • No strings, no expiration date(!)
  • You have to visit Adorama's site through a link with IR's affiliate code in it, like this one:
  • Sign up below, you'll get an email to confirm your sign-up, which will also have a unique, one-time coupon code and link to use.
  • The fine print:
    • The code only works if you arrive at Adorama's site via a link with IR's affiliate code in it
    • Due to their very restrictive price policies, this coupon can't be used for orders containing products from Nikon or Sony
    • You need to have at least one item in your shopping cart worth $250 or more
    • This is a one-time-use code (but stay tuned for other offers in the future! :-)

Pretty straightforward, right?

Just enter your email address and the password you want to use below and click the "Request Coupon" button. You'll get a confirmation email with a link in it to click, to prove that you're a real person with a real email address, so we don't get overwhelmed by robots.

The email will also have a unique code in it, assigned just to you, and good for one order. There's no expiration date, so hang onto the email if you're not buying something right away.

The confirmation email will also have a link to use to visit Adorama's site, in order for the coupon code to work.

Click on that link, do your shopping, and then enter the coupon code in the appropriate box during the checkout process. Easy peasy... :-)

Ready? Here's the signup form:

Thanks for your interest and support, and happy shopping! (And stay tuned for what we think will be some really exceptional deals going forward!)

- The IR team