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Basic Specifications
Full model name: Pentax K2000
Resolution: 10.20 Megapixels
Sensor size: APS-C
(23.7mm x 15.6mm)
Kit Lens: 3.00x zoom
(27-84mm eq.)
Viewfinder: Optical / LCD (playback only)
Native ISO: 100 - 3200
Extended ISO: 100 - 3200
Shutter: 1/4000 - 30 seconds
Max Aperture: 3.5 (kit lens)
Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.6 x 2.7 in.
(122 x 92 x 69 mm)
Weight: 18.5 oz (524 g)
includes batteries
MSRP: $700
Availability: 11/2008
Manufacturer: Pentax
Full specs: Pentax K2000 specifications
Pentax K (KA/KAF/KAF2) APS-C
size sensor
image of Pentax K2000
Front side of Pentax K2000 digital camera Front side of Pentax K2000 digital camera Front side of Pentax K2000 digital camera Front side of Pentax K2000 digital camera Front side of Pentax K2000 digital camera

The Pentax K2000 digital SLR features a 10.2 effective megapixel APS-C sized CCD image sensor, which yields a 1.5x focal length multiplier for 35mm lenses, and passes its data to a Pentax Real Image Engine (PRIME) branded image processor. The imager is mounted on a moving platter, which allows the Pentax K2000 to offer in-body Shake Reduction that is compatible with the majority of lenses that can be mounted on the camera. The Pentax K2000's lens mount is compatible with K-, KA-, KAF-, KAF2- and KAF3- lenses, and is also compatible with lenses featuring SDM autofocusing, which allows for quieter and smoother focusing. The shake reduction mechanism and circuit boards have been redesigned to be more compact. This combination is surrounded by a newly designed body which is said to offer improved ergonomics - partly thanks to a new battery placement and overall more efficient internal packaging. As part of the ergonomics overhaul, Pentax has placed most controls on the right side of the camera to ease single-handed shooting. The company has also included a new dedicated "Help" button on the Pentax K2000's body, functioning as a built-in user manual of sorts, and making the camera more approachable for beginners.

The Pentax K2000 also features a Dust Removal system consisting of a Pentax-developed Super Protect fluorine coating on the low-pass filter that helps stop dust adhering. This is backed up by the ability to shake off dust particles using the camera's Shake Reduction mechanism, and an adhesive strip intended to capture the particles that fall from the sensor. Finally, the Pentax K2000 includes a "Dust Alert" function that helps the user determine if there is any dust over the imager. Images can be framed through a pentamirror viewfinder with a 96% field of view, and 0.85x magnification. A 2.7" LCD display with 230,000 dot resolution is provided for reviewing images only, as the Pentax K2000 does not offer a live view mode. Images are stored on Secure Digital cards, including the newer Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) types. Power comes from four AA batteries, and the K2000 is compatible with either Alkaline or Lithium disposables, or Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables. Connectivity choices include USB 2.0 High Speed for computer connection, and NTSC / PAL standard definition video output.

Image formats on offer in the Pentax K2000 include both Raw and JPEG, and there's also an option to simultaneously capture images in both formats. In-camera development of Raw images into JPEGs is also possible. The Pentax K2000 offers burst shooting at 3.5 frames per second for four frames in JPEG format, and includes a five-point phase detection autofocus system based on a SAFOX VIII sensor. All five AF points are cross types, and the camera automatically selects the sensor to use. The photographer can opt to select only the center sensor if preferred. Pentax says that it has improved low-light focusing speed in the K2000. Shutter speeds range from 30 to 1/4000 second plus bulb. ISO sensitivities from 100 to 3,200 equivalent are on offer. Metering choices include 16-segment multi pattern, center-weighted or spot. The Pentax K2000 also includes an Enhanced Dynamic Range function that aims to prevent highlight clipping, as well as a Shadow Adjustment Mode that opens up detail in shadow areas of images.

The Pentax K2000 will initially be sold from November 2008, with both an smc Pentax DA-L 18-55mm lens and an AF200FG flash strobe included in the product bundle, for a price tag of $699.95. A second kit will follow from early 2009, which will include the same 18-55mm lens plus an smc Pentax DA-L 50-200mm lens. Pricing for this second bundle had not been announced at press time. The product bundle also includes PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3 software for Raw file processing, and PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3 for browsing images.

Pentax K2000

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