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Pentax 21mm f/3.2 AL Limited HD DA

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21mm $497
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image of Pentax 21mm f/3.2 AL Limited HD DA

(From Pentax lens literature) With precision and high-performance optics, this robust lens measures only one inch in length and weighs a mere 4.9 ounces. It is the ideal choice for carry- everywhere, instantaneous wide angle or snapshot photography. The versatile angle of view produces natural images with a moderate perspective, or an expanded depth of field, making it ideal for many different types of subjects, stories, landscapes and life’s special occasions. Now featuring a rounded diaphragm at wide apertures, its improved unique design incorporates high-grade aluminum construction with treatments of both SP (Super Protect) and the PENATX-original High-grade multi-layer HD (High Definition) coating, available in both black and silver models.

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