PMA 2001 - February 19, 2001
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Vivitar's DIGI 35mm hybrid film / digital camera. Courtesy of Vivitar. Vivitar announces DIGI 35mm hybrid camera!
22:44 EST - Vivitar announces a hybrid digital / 35mm film camera, the DIGI 35mm...

Following from the previous two news items, one last new camera announcement from Vivitar for today... This one is pretty unusual, as well! The Vivitar DIGI 35mm features a very low resolution (320 x 240 pixel) digital camera and a 35mm film camera, in one unit. There is a distinct similarity to Polaroid's I-Zone Combo camera in this amalgamation of a film and digital camera with separate lenses... (More)

Vivitar's ViviCam 3655 digital camera, front and rear views. Courtesy of Vivitar. Vivitar announces ViviCam 3655 digital camera! (UPDATED)
21:57 EST - Vivitar announces a 2.3 megapixel, 2.4x optical zoom digicam with LCD display and CompactFlash storage...

Following on from Vivitar's announcement of the ViviCam 2795, the company has announced a 2.4x optical zoom, 2.3 megapixel camera, the Vivicam 3655. As with the previous camera, the unit is actually manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer Premier (Pretec), and features CompactFlash storage. Unlike its lower-cost sibling however, the 3655 also includes a 1.8" color LCD display...: Specification... (More)

Vivitar's ViviCam 2795 digital camera (shown with DC530 labelling from its OEM manufacturer Premier), front view. Copyright (c) 2001, Michael R. Tomkins, all rights reserved. Click for a bigger  picture! Vivitar announces ViviCam 2795 digital camera!
20:05 EST - Vivitar shows digital camera with MP3 playback, video and audio recording at PMA...

Vivitar's first PMA announcement, the ViviCam 2795, features still image, video and audio recording capabilities, as well as MP3 playback. The unit, actually manufactured by Taiwanese company Premier Image Technology Corp. (better known as Pretec), features a fixed focus, fixed-focal length lens, CMOS image sensor and CompactFlash storage (alongside 2MB of built-in memory). Full specs are below,... (More)

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