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Dot Software Releases Site Studio
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, June 28, 2004 - 13:54 EDT)

Build an image gallery or a Weblog based on one of the supplied themes, sync your new site to your server with a click and do it all in one window.

Dot Software has released Site Studio 1.0 for Web site design under Mac OS X. Plug-ins are included to include image galleries or a weblog using one of the supplied design themes. Server uploads are streamlined. A free download of the $30 shareware program is available at http://www.dotsw.com/sitestudio.

Following is the text from the Overview page at the Dot Software site, whose design itself can be changed to a different Site Studio theme with a click.

The Revolution

It is the ease and simplicity of Site Studio that makes it a leader of the web design revolution. From paper to web in minutes. From one look to another in seconds. Dynamic content plugins like a blog, an image gallery, and a WYSIWYG editor put it at the top of its class. If you are ready for a world of hassle free web design, then Site Studio is for you.

Packed With Features

It is the little features like one click dot mac and FTP uploading, intuitive interfaces, and simplicity that make your life that much better. Site Studio has all that and more. It remembers what it last uploaded and deletes what it doesn't overwrite so you don't have to. It allows you to change the name of your pages in the page list in just one click and much more. Site Studio is missing link between web design and heaven.

Intuitive Interface

Site Studio's interface is simply unmatched. One simple window where all your editing is done, one place for everything with simplicity in mind. Want to change the name of a page? Double click on it. Want to change the order of your pages? Drag them! Want to change the title of your site? Change it in one field for every page on your web site.

Dynamic Content Plugins

Site Studio comes with a blog creation tool, photo album creation tool, a WYSIWYG layout tool, an external file tool, a full syntax HTML code tool, and a hyperlink tool. With all these great features, building your web site has never been easier. Not only that, but the effective design of these plugins allows third parties to develop them and we at dot software plan to continually expand the available plugins.

Great Themes

Site Studio comes loaded with great looking default themes that you're sure to love! There's a wide variety of themes that insures that everyone finds one that they like. Not only that, but dot software plans to introduce a program where the theme numbers will soar to phenomenon amounts.

And Much More

Save your time. Try Site Studio and see how it can save you time, money, frustration, and more. Site Studio speaks for itself. Try it out absolutely free and find out what every one is talking about. In fact, the very page you're reading was built in Site Studio!

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