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FlashPoint's logo. Click here to visit the FlashPoint website! FlashPoint announces Digita successor!
(Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - 00:14 EST)

New Digita operating system to offer a smaller footprint, more modular architecture and simpler industry-standard development tools...

FlashPoint, the company behind the Digita operating system used in some digital cameras, will today announce a new version of the system for use in future digicams. Digita X, as the new version is dubbed, has been licensed to Eastman Kodak, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Konica, Minolta and Sharp, and hence could appear in cameras from those manufacturers.

FlashPoint notes that its new OS should offer digicam manufacturers increased camera functionality, as well as saving on per-camera manufacturing costs and giving access to over 130 patents which the company has filed. FlashPoint's Photivity, the software for transferring images from a digital camera wirelessly, will be built into Digita X, and network connectivity has been increased. The software will also have a smaller footprint, more modular architecture and will require simpler development tools. In particular, FlashPoint says it has focused on improving portability and ease of customization for Digita licensees, as well as improving flexibility in defining the architecture of the camera.

Source: FlashPoint Technology Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

FlashPoint Announces Latest Digita In-Camera OS

Leading Unified Embedded Software Platform for Digital Cameras and Imaging
Appliances Continues to Advance

SAN JOSE, CALIF., March 21, 2001 - FlashPoint Technology, Inc., the creator
of Digita(r), the underlying technology for wireless and digital imaging,
today announced DigitaX(tm), the latest release of its award-winning DigitaOS (tm) embedded software platform for digital imaging.

DigitaX focuses on improving portability and ease of customization for
Digita licensees. The platform has a smaller footprint, more modular architecture and uses simpler industry-standard development tools. The result is
faster development and simpler integration for digital camera manufacturers.
In addition, by opening critical software interfaces, DigitaX gives camera
makers complete flexibility in defining their unique hardware architectures
while maintaining compatibility with FlashPoint's embedded platform. DigitaX
also offers increased network connectivity while preserving programmability,
and peripheral connectivity.

"The advances found in this latest release of Digita meet the demanding
requirements of today's digital camera design and manufacturing environment,"
said FlashPoint President Stephen Saylor. "Device manufacturers have long
valued the significant intellectual property estate made available through
the Digita license. With this latest release device manufacturers now
have a simple, cost effective way to embed our technology and participate
in the growing momentum around FlashPoint's wireless and digital imaging

Licensees of Digita benefit from participation in FlashPoint's broad intellectual property estate, which consists of two components: FlashPoint's intellectual property, and the Digita patent covenant. This covenant was established early in FlashPoint's history to ensure a significant intellectual property estate for the Digita platform, protecting both FlashPoint and the platform licensees. FlashPoint's standard license agreement for Digita requires
platform licensees to participate in a covenant regarding all issued and
pending patents. Digita licensees agree not to assert their patents or
patents pending against FlashPoint or the other Digita licensees. Digita
licensees include Eastman Kodak, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Konica, Minolta
and Sharp. FlashPoint's own intellectual property position consists of
over 130 patents filed.

"FlashPoint's unique approach to creating a unified software platform
for digital cameras is significantly advanced with the latest release
of Digita," said Michelle Lampmann, market research analyst at InfoTrends
Research Group, Inc. "With DigitaX, camera makers have an easy-to-integrate
software platform while retaining control over their hardware architectures."

About FlashPoint Technology, Inc.

FlashPoint Technology, Inc. is an innovative company driving the convergence
of wireless technology and digital photography through Digita, the underlying
technology powering wireless and digital imaging. Digita enables partners
and developers to create customized solutions for their customers. Digita
Photivity(tm) is a complete wireless photography platform, allowing images
to be directly transferred from a digital camera to the Internet. DigitaOS
is an open-architecture operating system for imaging devices and is the
intelligence behind award winning products from Pentax, Hewlett-Packard,
Eastman Kodak, Minolta and Epson. FlashPoint is a privately held company
headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in Research Triangle
Park, Boston and Tokyo. The company can be found on the Web at www.flashpoint.com.

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