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iCorrect Professional's logo. Click here to visit the Pictographics website! iCorrect Pro discounted, new version on the way!
(Saturday, August 11, 2001 - 15:50 EDT)

29% discount on Pictographics' image correction plugin...

Pictographics International Corp. is currently offering a 29% discount on its iCorrect Professional plugin for Adobe Photoshop, which we first told readers about back in April... iCorrect Pro works with Adobe Photoshop 4.0 - 6.0, PhotoDeluxe or Photoshop Elements on the Mac or PC, and offers auto black and white point detection, brightness/contrast adjustment, neutral point selection, and the ability to correct recognized reference colors (Neutrals, Skin Tones, Foliage Green, Sky Blue or user-created colors).

As a promotion for the PPA Imaging USA 2001 show that was held in Illinois last week, Pictographics is offering $40 off the standard $139 pricetag for iCorrect Pro on orders placed by August 15th via a special discount page.

The company also announced that a new version of iCorrect Pro will be released later this month, as a free update to existing users. Version 3 includes the following changes:
  • 16-bit technology
  • Ability to adjust auto-white and auto-black end points
  • More powerful algorithms for doing auto balance
A demonstration version of iCorrect Professional 2.0 can be downloaded from the Pictographics website.

Original Source Press Release:

iCorrect Professional by Pictographics $40 Temporary Price Reduction for Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Trade Show Plus New Features Available Soon

From now until August 15, iCorrect Professional, Pictographics' highly acclaimed Photoshop plug-in for doing digital image color correction, is available to you for just $99, a reduction of $40 off its normal price of $139. This special discount is being offered to all attendees at this week's PPA Imaging USA 2001 trade show, where Pictographics is an exhibitor, and we have decided to share this offer with the digital imaging professionals and enthusiasts on our mailing list.

Digital Imaging Experts Praise Revolutionary New Technology
Since its announcement in April, iCorrect Professional has been praised by users and internet reviewers alike for its "powerful capabilities" which can "improve an already good image" or "transform a 'so-so' image into an excellent one." These people also value iCorrect Professional's "simple interface" that helps save time because it can "do wonders" with just "a couple of clicks."

More Features to Help You 'Make the Color Right'
In addition to the many features that are already part of the software's revolutionary technology to help 'Make the Color Right', several new ones are being added later this month (August, 2001). The new iCorrect Professional version 3 will include several of the features you've requested most:

  • 16-bit technology
  • ability to adjust auto-white and auto-black end points,
  • even more powerful algorithms for doing auto balance
All iCorrect Professional purchasers, including those who take advantage of this special PPA offer, will receive the version 3 upgrade at no charge. One other capability that has been asked about by a number of people, is already available today in version 2. That is the fact that iCorrect Professional does run under Microsoft Windows 2000.

Order Today at an Amazingly Low Price
To order iCorrect Professional at the special PPA Imaging USA 2001 price of just $99, log on to www.digitalriver.com/iCorrectProfessional. If you would like to know more about iCorrect Professional's many exciting features, visit our home page at www.picto.com and follow the links to product information. To receive the special PPA price, however, you must place your order by using the link to digitalriver given above, not those shown inside picto.com.

Remember this offer will expire on August 15, 2001. Take advantage of it now.

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