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Kodak DC5000

Familiar 2 megapixel electronics in a super-rugged case make a *true* take-anywhere camera!

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Review First Posted: 09/10/2000

2.1 Million pixel sensor
1760 x 1168 resolution
2X optical plus 3x digital zoom
Autofocus lens w/macro
Built-in flash
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Ultra-rugged, water-resistant case!



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Kodak has long been a "power player" in the world of digital cameras, currently having one of the broadest camera lines on the market. Their models extend from point and shoots for the complete beginner to the highest-resolution professional SLR on the market. For some time now, we've been expecting to see digicams developed that are aimed at specific applications or market niches. With the DC5000, Kodak has become one of the first manufacturers to do so, having developed an unusually rugged, water-resistant digital camera for use in harsh environments. (Think hiking, boating, the beach, as well as industrial/commercial applications.) Built upon Kodak's earlier DC280 model, the DC5000 has the advantage of a tried and true design, already proven in the marketplace.

With a full 2 megapixel resolution, and excellent color, the DC5000 provides the ruggedness many users have asked for, while making no concessions in image quality: Images shot with the DC5000 should look fine printed on photo-quality output devices at sizes up to 8x10 inches. While obviously aimed at a niche market, we believe that the DC5000's ruggedness, good picture quality and ease of operation will find it many devoted users.

High Points

  • New, rugged exterior for all-weather endurance.
  • 2.1 megapixel CCD sensor delivering 1760 x 1168 and 896 x 592 pixel image sizes.
  • 2x optical zoom, 6.5 to 13mm lens (30-60 mm equivalent focal lengths).
  • 3x digital zoom.
  • Fast f/3.0 maximum lens aperture.
  • Built-in flash with Auto, Off, Fill and Red-Eye Reduction modes.
  • Support for both NTSC and PAL video output signals.
  • Combined serial/USB interface for maximum compatibility and high speed.
  • Uses four AA alkaline, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries.
  • Uses CompactFlash for image storage with images saved as JPEGs.
  • Software package includes ArcSoft Photo Impression 2000 and the Kodak DC5000 software for both Mac and PC.
  • Supports Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) for marking images on card for later printing.

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