Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 Design

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Panasonic G2 Front View
The Panasonic Lumix G2 retains the familiar, SLR-like design of the G1, but moves the control dial to the rear panel. In its absence, the handgrip has been reprofiled, with the contoured area moved up slightly compared to that of the G1.



Panasonic G2 Left View
(Shown here with the compact 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 image-stabilized G-series kit lens.)
The only noticeable change from the G1 on this side of the camera is that the G2's USB / video out compartment door hinges opens towards the front of the camera, where the previous camera's door opened towards the rear. Notice that the new kit lens does not have an Mega O.I.S. switch, as part of its cost reduction. Optical image stabilization is controlled from the camera's menu system.



Panasonic G2 Right View
Note the divot has moved further up the Panasonic G2's grip, occupying the area where the control dial was previously located. The slanted shutter button and rear thumb grip are retained. Gone is the SD card compartment door, with the card slot having been relocated to the battery compartment.



Panasonic G2 Top View
Although the top panel looks fairly similar to that of the G1, there are quite a few changes. Focus mode is now selected by a new lever beneath the AF Mode dial, with the dial itself now selecting the AF type. A small hole just in front of the AF Mode dial marks the location of the microphone port. The Mode dial no longer includes an iAuto position, with this function having been promoted to its own button, and there's a new Motion Picture P mode in its place. the order of some of its other modes have also been changed. The Q. Menu and Film Mode buttons have been replaced by Motion Picture and Intelligent Auto buttons in approximately the same locations.



Panasonic G2 Back View
Here you see the Panasonic G2's excellent 3.0-inch swivel LCD, which also has touch screen capability, allowing the camera to be controlled (and settings changed) by interacting directly on the display itself. Most controls are similar to the G1, with their arrangement at camera right keeping them within reach of your thumb for quick activation. The control dial -- previously located on the front of the handgrip -- now resides in the thumb grip at the top right corner, making it easier to change settings without removing your finger from the shutter button. The Display button has moved slightly to the right, making room for the relocated Q.Menu button, which was previously located on the top panel.



Panasonic G2 Bottom View
The metal tripod socket is centered with the lens, and has moved closer to the back of the camera. The battery / SD card compartment door is also slightly redesigned to accommodate the relocated card slot.


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