Canon EOS 50D Design

Roll-over the various controls and features with your mouse for a brief description.

Front. The front of the Canon EOS 50D has the same basic set of controls found on other models in the line, and apart from the badge, looks identical to the 40D. The grip is great, with a nice divot for the middle finger and a good rubber surface. Though there's a textured grip surface on the left, it's too tapered for easy holding with the left hand (see top view).



Left. Here on the left side are two rubber doors covering various ports. The 50D adds a mini HDMI out port for HD video.



Right. Here you can see the grip indent. The CF card door is pretty similar to other doors in the line, and swings freely rather than springing open.



Top. Here you can see another traditional layout that will be familiar to most anyone familiar with other prosumer Canon SLRs. Control placement is identical to the 40D, but you may notice the silver bezel on the mode dial has a new CA (Creative Auto) exposure mode, as well as only two custom modes (down from three on the 40D).



Back. The 3.0-inch LCD screen has been upgraded to a higher resolution (920K-pixel) model, and the 40D's Jump button has been removed to make room for the new Function button. The Print/Share button now enables Live View mode when the camera is in record mode.



Bottom. Nothing new here, identical to the EOS 40D.


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