Canon EOS 5D Mark II Design

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Canon 5D Mark II Front. Compared to the 5D, the Mark II's front adds a microphone (just below the 5D badge) for movie audio recording, and an IR remote receiver (just above the self-timer lamp). Note the leather-like grip surface on both the grip and the left side, which makes holding the camera much easier.



Canon 5D Mark II Left. A Mini-HDMI output has been added, as well as a jack for an external stereo microphone.


Canon 5D Mark II Right. Not much has changed here. Pull the CompactFlash card door to the rear first, then it swings open.



Canon 5D Mark II Top. The 5D Mark II re-arranges the four top mode buttons, plus the mode dial adds Creative Auto and two Custom settings.



Canon 5D Mark II Back. The 5D's 2.5-inch, 230K-pixel LCD has been replaced with a 3.0-inch LCD with 920K-pixel resolution. Buttons on the back have been re-arranged also. The Print/Share button enables Live View mode when the camera is in record mode. The 5D's Jump button is gone while a Picture Style selection and AF-ON buttons have been added. There's also a tiny speaker to the bottom-right of the viewfinder, and an ambient light sensor below the LCD.



Canon 5D Mark II Bottom. Compared to the 5D, the extension system terminal at the bottom-right is new, and is used to connect to the wireless grip.


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