Basic Specifications
Full model name: Leica M8.2
Resolution: 10.30 Megapixels
Sensor size: 1.28 inch
(27.0mm x 18.0mm)
Kit Lens: n/a
Viewfinder: Optical / LCD (playback only)
Native ISO: 160 - 2500
Extended ISO: 160 - 2500
Shutter: 1/4000 - 32 sec
Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.2 x 1.4 in.
(139 x 80 x 37 mm)
Weight: 19.2 oz (545 g)
Availability: 09/2008
Manufacturer: Leica
Full specs: Leica M8.2 specifications
Leica M bayonet 1.28 inch
size sensor
image of Leica M8.2
Front side of Leica M8.2 digital camera Front side of Leica M8.2 digital camera Front side of Leica M8.2 digital camera    

The Leica M8.2 is an updated version of the M8 digital rangefinder camera. The M8.2 features the same body as the M8, but includes the upgrades the company announced earlier in the year, and more. The M8 model will continue to be available.

Leica M8.2 improvements and updates include:

  • A new snapshot mode "S". This new automatic mode will come in handy when time is of the essence, or for beginners not familiar with the camera or photography in general. In this mode, the M8.2 the controls all the key settings automatically, such as automatic exposure (aperture priority), automatic ISO speed setting and automatic white balance.
  • For more precise framing at long distances, the bright-line frames in the viewfinder have been designed to handle larger framing areas.
  • The M8.2 is equipped with an ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal coverglass for the LCD that is so hard that it can only be worked with special diamond tools.
  • The M8.2 sports a new easy-grip and specially robust "vulcanite" finish.
  • The shutter is quieter and features less vibration, though the fastest shutter speed has been reduced from 1/8000s to 1/4000s, and flash sync speed is now 1/180s.
  • The photographer may further reduce noise by cocking the shutter at a more suitable moment, using a new delayed cocking feature.
  • The camera ships with a new compact charger unit, with a quick-charge function capable of charging the battery to 80 percent in about two hours, which is good for about 400 shots.
  • Operational changes following user feedback.

Leica is offering an upgrade service to existing M8 owners to install the scratchproof sapphire glass, the quieter shutter (excluding the delayed cocking feature), the new rangefinder mask or the vulcanite leatherette body grip. You can find further information on this on the Leica M8 Upgrade page.

The Leica M8.2 ships from September 2008, however US pricing has not been announced.

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