Canon 5DS Optics

The Canon 5DS is usually sold body-only, so we have no "kit" lens optical test results to share here.

Below are our Canon 5DS viewfinder accuracy test results.

Viewfinder Test Results

Very good accuracy from the optical viewfinder, excellent from the LCD in Live View mode.

70mm, Optical Viewfinder 70mm, LCD Live View

We measured the Canon 5DS' optical viewfinder's coverage at just over 98% which is pretty close to Canon's 100% coverage specification. (Note that the 5DS R tested a little better at 99%, the difference likely just due to sample variation combined with test tolerances.) The resulting image was very slightly titled and shifted with respect to the sensor, which is unfortunately quite common with optical SLR viewfinders. Live View mode using the LCD monitor in record mode resulted in 100% coverage.


The images above were taken from our standardized test shots. For a collection of more pictorial photos, see our Canon EOS 5DS Photo Gallery .

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