Canon EOS M6 Mark II Field Test Part I

A real-world test for the M-mount speed demon!

by Mike Tomkins |

It's been a little over seven years now since Canon first launched its EOS M mirrorless camera line with a camera of the same name. And although I've handled and shot with several models in the series, I've never field tested one -- until now, that is. But boy, did I ever luck out with my first EOS M-series review, with the recently-launched Canon EOS M6 Mark II.

Announced just barely a month ago as I write this, the Canon M6 II looks to be a solid answer to the performance concerns of some earlier models. In fact, not only does Canon look to answer critics of its earlier mirrorless offerings with the burst capture speed and autofocus performance of the M6 II, it's actually looking to best even enthusiast-grade DSLRs like its own EOS 90D, with which this interesting little camera shares its imaging pipeline.

Plenty of performance for sports and wildlife shooters, as we showed you recently
With an impressive 14 full-resolution frames per second burst capture with or without autofocus adjustment between frames, there's no question that the EOS M6 Mark II is a swift camera. (And even more so if you enable its 30 frames per second raw capture mode, which can even pre-buffer a half-second's worth of shots to reach back in time to a little before you pressed the shutter, if your reflexes aren't as fast as you'd like.)

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