Canon T6 Flash

Built-in Flash Test Results

Coverage, Exposure and Range
Narrow coverage with average exposure compensation required for our standard Indoor Portrait shot; Somewhat weak flash but not a surprise given its size.


Coverage. Flash coverage from the T6's built-in flash is narrow and uneven at wide angle (18mm), leaving corners and edges in our flash test image a little dim. Narrow coverage at wide angle isn't unusual, though, and some of the corner fall-off is from the lens itself. We no longer test coverage at telephoto, as wide angle is always worst-case.

Normal Flash
Auto ISO (800), +0.3 EV

Exposure. Indoors, under incandescent background lighting, the Canon Rebel T6's flash performed reasonably well, requiring an average amount of positive exposure compensation of +0.3 EV for a bright image, though it boosted ISO to 800 which resulted in a very warm, orange tint from the ambient tungsten lighting. The camera chose a slightly slower 1/50s shutter speed which can lead to more subject motion blur than 1/60s or faster.

Manufacturer-Specified Flash Range

8.5 feet
f/3.5, ISO 100

Manufacturer Specified Flash Range Test. The Canon Rebel T6's built in flash has a rated Guide Number of 9.2 meters or 30.2 feet at ISO 100. That works out to about 8.5 feet at f/3.5 at ISO 100. In the shot above, we can see that the Canon Rebel T6's built-in flash produced a well-exposure target at the rated distance, ISO and aperture, indicating the flash range quoted by Canon is accurate.


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