Fuji X-T2 Flash

Bundled Flash Test Results

Coverage, Exposure and Range
Good flash range and exposure, with slightly narrow coverage.


Coverage. Flash coverage is just a little narrow and uneven with an 18mm lens, leaving slightly dim corners and vertical edges in our flash coverage test image, though we've certainly seen a lot worse. (Note: this shot taken with the X-T1 since coverage is independent of camera model.)

Normal Flash
f/4, Auto ISO (800), +0.3 EV

Exposure. Our Indoor Portrait test scene was well exposed with +0.3 EV flash exposure compensation using Auto ISO, though the camera boosted ISO to 800. The camera used a typical 1/60s shutter speed, but because of the somewhat high sensitivity, white balance was warm and pinkish from the ambient room lighting.

Manufacturer-Specified Flash Range

9.0 feet
f/4, ISO 200

Manufacturer Specified Flash Test. The Fuji X-T2's bundled EF-X8 flash is rated with a Guide Number of 8m at ISO 100 or 11m at ISO 200. That works out to a range of about 9 feet at f/4 using ISO 200. In the test shot above, the X-T2 performs as Fuji says it will, producing a well-exposed flash exposure at the rated distance with ISO set to 200. (Note: this shot taken with the X-T1.)


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