Fuji X70 Flash

Built-in Flash Test Results

Coverage and Range
A weak flash with narrow coverage. Above average positive exposure compensation required.

18.5mm, f/2.8, ISO 200

Coverage. Flash coverage is a little narrow, leaving the corners of our flash target image quite dark, though that's not unusual at 28mm-eq., and we've seen worse. Some of the corner shading can also attributable to the lens itself.

Normal Flash, f/4, Auto ISO (2500)
+1.0 EV

Exposure. Indoors under incandescent background lighting, the Fuji X70's built-in flash underexposed our indoor portrait scene using Auto ISO and f/4, requiring +1.0 EV flash exposure compensation. The camera used a sufficiently fast shutter speed of 1/60 second, but boosted sensitivity to ISO 2500, indicating a pretty weak flash. White balance was quite warm and orange, thanks to the incandescent ambient lighting and the relatively high sensitivity.

Manufacturer-Specified Flash Range
6.4 feet, f/4, ISO 200

Manufacturer-Specified Flash Range Test. The Fuji X70's built-in flash has a Guide Number of only 5.5m at ISO 100, or 7m at ISO 200. That's quite weak and works out to a range of only about 6.4 feet at f/4 and ISO 200. As you can see above, the Fuji X70 produced a well-exposed flash target using those parameters which means Fuji's flash range spec is credible.


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