Olympus E-M5 II Field Test Part I

Olympus' enthusiast mirrorless shoots the sights in beautiful Bermuda

by Mike Tomkins |

As a technology journalist and camera reviewer these last 16 years, I'm fortunate that I get to shoot with a lot of great gear in my line of work. Sometimes, though, finding new and attractive subjects can be a challenge -- especially living as I do in a fairly small East Tennessee town that, for the last couple of weeks, has been coated in an unusually generous and long-lasting layer of snow and ice.

Thankfully, shortly before the near-arctic conditions hit, Olympus invited journalists from a number of print and online publications for a short trip to the British overseas territory of Bermuda, an opportunity for some one-on-one time with its brand-new OM-D E-M5 Mark II compact system camera -- and I was lucky to be among their number. And boy, did Olympus ever have some beautiful locations in store for us, as you can see throughout this report, and in my Olympus E-M5 II gallery!

Want to know if the just-launched Olympus E-M5 II successfully wooed me in Bermuda?

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Olympus E-M5 II Field Test Part II

It's time for golden hour videos and nighttime shooting

by Mike Tomkins |

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting with the Olympus E-M5 II compact system camera on a whirlwind trip to Bermuda, an experience that became the basis for the first part of my E-M5 II Field Test. (If you've not already read that report, you'll find it here.) With the trip over all too soon, I brought the camera back home with me to Knoxville to wrap things up.

In my first Field Test, I promised that I'd take a look at video capture and high ISO shooting on my return home, as well as trying some more long-exposure photography. A few days ago, I headed to downtown Knoxville, prepped and ready for an evening's shooting.

Now I've tried shooting video and high ISO stills with, the E-M5 II, what did I think?

Find out in Field Test Part II

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