Panasonic ZS70 Field Test Part I

All the zoom your pocket will fit, now selfie-friendly too!

by Mike Tomkins |

The compact camera market may have been decimated by the reign of the camera-equipped smartphone, but while it is nowadays a shadow of its former self, there are a couple of market segments which remain reasonably healthy, largely because they focus on offering features which smartphones predominantly lack due to their slim form factor. If you want to sell a compact, point-and-shoot camera these days, the way to do so is either to make it rugged and life-proof, or to gift it with an extremely powerful zoom lens.

Panasonic has plenty of experience in the pocket-friendly, long-zoom market
Panasonic knows more than a little about the latter, as the company has been offering pocket-friendly long-zoom cameras for more than a decade now, ever since the launch of the Lumix TZ1 all the way back in early 2006. Along the way, the company redubbed the TZ-series as the Lumix ZS-series in the US market, although closely-related models still remain available in overseas markets under the earlier Lumix TZ badge.


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