Samsung NX1 Field Test Part I

Initial Impressions

by Gannon Burgett |

Introduction. When Samsung first announced the NX1, I knew I wanted to get my hands on it. As a DSLR shooter who has been patiently watching the mirrorless game to see which company could pull me in, it seemed likely that if anyone was going to do it, it'd be Samsung. With a familiar form factor, an impressive spec sheet and overall appeal, I was smitten, and anxious to get my hands on it. After arriving here at Imaging Resource, that opportunity arose, and led to this first installment of a shooter's report.

Although I've shot a myriad of subject matter in my photography career, this shooter's report will be written through the eyes of a sports photographer, as Samsung's NX1, both in looks and specs, is an action photographer's camera. To properly put the NX1 through its paces, I spent a handful of days shooting it in two very different sporting environments: a hockey game and an indoor men's collegiate volleyball match.

Samsung NX1 Field Test Part II

A solid first step for Samsung's professional camera system

by Jeremy Gray |

Introduction. The Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera features speed and performance that aims to compete with more expensive, larger DSLR camera bodies. It offers many of the best aspects of a DSLR camera while also bringing some unique features that make it an attractive alternative to the traditional DSLR camera, so I've been eager to get my hands on one for a deeper dive.

Camera Body and Handling. The Samsung NX1, with its all-magnesium, weather-sealed body, is small and light, weighing in at around 550g with the battery, but it is easy to grip and fits very nicely in my hands. Samsung has clearly put considerable thought into maintaining DSLR handling, but in a smaller mirrorless camera body. The button layout of the camera is familiar to anyone that has shot with a DSLR; the NX1 provides simplicity in its controls without sacrificing functionality, as all of the most important shooting controls are easily accessible.

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