Sony RX10 IV Field Test Part I

The large-sensor, long-zoom love affair continues...

by Mike Tomkins |

Right from its very beginning, I've been a big fan of Sony's RX10 camera family. I've personally reviewed every single camera in the series to date, and I've found the RX10 line of cameras to be great all-rounders, capturing everything from family and pet photos and travel shots to sports, nature, portraits and more with equal aplomb.

The original Sony RX10 single-handedly created the large-sensor, long-zoom camera market, and the followup RX10 II -- of which I personally own a copy -- further refined the experience while adding a performance boost. Last year's RX10 III brought even more performance and a new, much further-reaching zoom lens, albeit with a noticeable increase in heft. And now, some four years after I first reviewed the original RX10, the new Sony RX10 IV aims to take the RX10 III design to the next level courtesy of major autofocus and performance improvements which it shares with Sony's pocket-friendly RX100 V compact.

Suffice it to say that I've really been looking forward to getting my hands on the Sony RX10 IV ever since its announcement in mid-September 2017 -- and now that I've done so, I'm happy to be able to bring you the first in my two-part, real-world test of the RX10 IV!

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