Nikon 1.4X AF-S TC-14E II

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(From company literature) A 1.4X Teleconverter designed for use with AF-S and AF-I Nikkor lenses. Increases focal length by 1.4X. Reduces lens aperture by one f-stop. 5 elements in 5 group lens construction assures highest picture quality. Full aperture metering with compatible cameras. Nikon Integrated Coating reduces flare and ghosting. New Front Cap BF-3A (can be used as body cap).

Recommended with the following AF-S Nikkor lenses: AF-S 80-200mm f/2.8D ED-IF, AF-S 300mm f/2.8D ED-IF (II), AF-S 300mm f/4D ED-IF, AF-S 400mm f/2.8D ED-IF (II), AF-S 500mm f/4D ED-IF (II) and AF-S 600mm f/4D ED-IF (II).

Nikon 1.4X AF-S TC-14E II

Nikon 1.4X AF-S TC-14E II User Reviews

9.0/10 average of 3 review(s) Build Quality 9.0/10 Image Quality 9.0/10
  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by sjkip (26 reviews)
    Sharp, handy, easy to forget it's attached.
    AF is a bit slower, and the TC doesn't attach to most Nikon lenses.

    I've had my example of this TC for quite awhile, and use it a lot, but forgot to review it. Well, here it is.

    If you have an 80-400 f/4.5-5.6G AF-S VR, as I do, this TC soon becomes almost indispensable. I just leave it on the lens most of the time, but remember to close down the aperture by one f-stop, from f/8 to f/11, when the TC is attached. That keeps the lens at its optimal aperture of f/8. Also, I had to determine and record a separate AF fine-tune with and without the TC on the lens, which the cameras (mine are D7200s) remember and apply automatically when they sense the TC.

    The TC decreases resolution so little that, frankly, I can hardly see it. It's there, but technique probably matters at least as much as what little the TC might do to resolution, including its effect on AF. If in doubt, I assume it's my fault. I chalk it up to forcing me to be as careful with setting exposure, holding, AF capture, framing and shutter release as I should have been anyway. That does make a difference in difficult detail shots, such as "BIB" (bird in bush) stalking.

    The good news is that I now run the lens at 300 to about 315mm with the TC on, instead of all the way out at 400mm, allowing me to net 400-440mm without entering the long focal length "resolution decline zone" of the lens. All TC's accentuate lens faults, and this one is no exception. At 400mm with the TC attached, there's definitely a loss of resolution...not a whole lot, but enough to see more easily.

    All I lose with the lens at 315 or below with TC attached, is that slight amount of AF speed, and I mean slight. If the light is fairly good, it's hardly noticeable. It's more of a problem indoors in natural light. But hardly anyone beside me shoots at 400mm indoors, anyhow. So what difference does that make?

    I've never compared AF speed at 400 without the TC and at 300 with the TC. It's probably the same, as is, I believe, comparative resolution.

    I suspect that for those who shoot BIF and other fast-moving subjects, even that slight TC delay in AF might matter. But I don't do that. However, the infinity to 6 meter AF setting on the 80-400 lens, should offset any or most TC reduction in the lens's lightning-like AF speed.

    I usually only remove the TC from that lens when I'm confronting really difficult AF situation that I recognize from previous experience, such as distant mountains through dust or humidity.

    Bottom line: If you already have an 80-400 G or 200-500, and you want to extend your focal range, go for it. In my opinion, this makes more sense than switching to a third-party lens just for a little more reach, and introducing a whole bag full of new variables.

    Since this review, I've bought a Nikon 200-500, and found that this TC works a little better on that lens than on the 80-400. I carry both lenses in the same bag, with the TC. So for 80-315, it's the 80-400 "naked," and 315 to 500 I switch to the 200-500, and can use the TC to push the extreme to 700mm. But the TC does work fine on the 80-400, just not quite as well as on the 200-500.

    reviewed April 13th, 2018
  • 9 out of 10 points and recommended by mbunge (10 reviews)
    works with my nikon lenses

    I use the teleconverter with my 70-200 VR and my 300 f4 telephoto and it is very compatible. Pictures are sharp, autofocus and metering are not degraded. I personally like the 1.4 because I only lose a stop. Good quality

    reviewed December 15th, 2006 (purchased for $225)
  • 8 out of 10 points and recommended by ultrafast (8 reviews)
    Good way to extend focal length for a low price, fairly sharp
    steals some light

    Nice TC. It helps my 200-400mm VR get out to 580mm which is great, considering the exorbitant price of a 600mm AF-S lens. You lose some sharpness and a couple of f-stops, but it is a trade I am often willing to make.

    The TC is well built, much better feeling than all the longer TCs and it sure is lighter than brining that big longer telephoto.

    reviewed November 23rd, 2006 (purchased for $225)