Ricoh’s GXR compact digital camera wins silver award at 2012 German Design Award

posted Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 5:59 PM EST

Press Release

Ricoh Company, Ltd.'s GXR(*1) compact digital camera won a silver award at the German Design Council's 2012 German Design Award.

The 2012 German Design Award is an influential international design awards event held annually since 2006 by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 with support of Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Candidate products are only selected from among products which won awards in some country, and which are recommended by the German Design Council. There are two award categories: product and industrial design, and communications design. Up to 25 awards are available for each category, for a total of 50 awards. These receive gold or silver awards.

The GXR was selected from among 1500 candidate products, for a silver award in the product and industrial design category. The 2011 German Design Award nominated the GR Digital III and CX2 digital cameras. This silver award is Ricoh's first product to receive a German Design Award.

(*1) GXR
The GXR (launched in December 2009) has no imaging devices in its body. The lens, imaging devices and image processing engine are combined into one camera unit, which slides in/out to mount/remove from the very rigid magnesium body. This is an innovative replaceable lens camera design. It achieves easy lens changes to combine with the optimal camera unit for that photography situation, for surprisingly high quality and flexibility. Its small body has unlimited potential, opening up new photography fields and earning great reviews.