Nikon P7000: Numerous bugs squashed in new firmware


posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 2:19 PM EST

Nikon's logo. Click here to visit the Nikon website!Nikon Inc. has released a new firmware update for its Coolpix P7000 digital camera that corrects a wide variety of bugs in the previous firmware version, issued almost exactly a year ago.

Nikon P7000 v1.2 improves autofocus performance by both reducing the likelihood of the camera failing to achieve an AF lock, and of an incorrect focus lock on the background, rather than the dominant subject. Also corrected is an issue whereby auto bracketing and the self-timer function couldn't be enabled concurrently.

A bug with certain aperture settings near the maximum available aperture being grayed out has also been addressed. This problem could occur when the camera was power-cycled when in the Aperture-priority mode, with an aperture value other than the maximum currently selected.

The new firmware also fixes a problem with the Function button not working in Manual mode, if the shutter-release button was pressed at the same time. Another change relating to Manual exposure mode is a fix for an issue with incorrect shutter speed display in certain, unspecified instances.

There's also a fix for the Vivid picture control being tagged with an asterisk indicating it had been changed from the defaults, even after camera settings were reset, if the third User setting had been enabled.

A couple of other fixes relate to raw files shot with the P7000. When processing raw files in-camera, operation of the P7000's Choose Color Temp. function was reversed with respect to the company's digital SLRs. Also, in some cases, raw files processed either in-camera or with ViewNX 2 could appear completely black.

One final fix is for rough borders and outlines in images being reviewed via the P7000's HDMI high-definition video output.

More details and the fix itself can be found on the Nikon website.