Sony: Early NEX models get LA-EA2 mount adapter firmware


posted Friday, December 16, 2011 at 4:21 PM EDT

Sony's logo. Click here to visit the Sony website!Sony Electronics Inc. has released new firmware for its early NEX-series camera and camcorder models that adds support for the company's unique Translucent Mirror-based Alpha mount adapter, the Sony LA-EA2.

In full, the list of camera and camcorder models launched prior to October 2011 which are receiving the new firmware include the NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-C3, and NEX-VG10. Available immediately on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, the new firmware updates are detailed in a PDF user manual supplement. For the NEX-series still cameras, the firmware updates don't include any changes over prior versions, with the exception of those related to the mount adapter compatibility. Users of the Sony NEX-VG10 camcorder do get one new feature beyond this, however: manual focus peaking, as seen in recent NEX-series still cameras. When enabled, this enhances outlines of in-focus areas at one of three sensitivity levels, in either white, red, or yellow, assisting with accurate manual focusing.

As with other NEX-series models that support the LA-EA2 mount adapter, supported functionality includes phase detection autofocus for both still and video capture, although the latter may be negatively impacted by autofocus drive noise, given that Alpha-mount lenses weren't designed for video use. With the LA-EA2 adapter mounted, there's a new Autofocus Area option (Wide, Spot, or Local) in the Camera menu, and an AF micro adjustment function capable of registering separate adjustments for up to 30 lens types. For video capture, the lens aperture is fixed at f/3.5 or the widest aperture of the lens attached, whichever is smaller. To adjust the aperture to a different value, autofocus must first be disabled. Also, Smile Shutter and Face Detection do not work with the LA-EA2 mount adapter in place.

The NEX-3 and NEX-5 firmware updates both carry version number 05, and include all updates made in previous firmware releases.The NEX-C3 firmware update is version 02, and that for the NEX-VG10 is version 03.

Following are download links to the various firmware updates: