Firmware for Pentax K-5 resolves Astrotracer issue


posted Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 3:33 PM EDT

Pentax's K-5 digital SLR with O-GPS1 GPS receiver attached. Photo provided by Pentax Ricoh Imaging Co. Ltd.A firmware update for Pentax's K-5 digital SLR resolves problems some customers have experienced when using the camera with the O-GPS1 accessory.

Announced last summer, the Pentax O-GPS1 has a completely unique function that the company has dubbed 'ASTROTRACER'. This uses info from the GPS receiver along with Pentax's Shake Reduction system to freeze stars in the night sky during long exposures, preventing star trails from forming.

In the previous K-5 firmware, using this function could result in light green banded noise appearing in images. The new firmware, says the company, fixes this issue. No other changes are noted in Pentax K-5 v1.12.