Nikon squashes V1, J1 bugs, updates Camera Control Pro


posted Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 6:11 PM EDT

Nikon's J1 digital camera. Photo provided by Nikon Corp. Click to read our Nikon J1 review!If you're an early adopter of one of Nikon's 1-series compact system cameras, the company has a firmware update lined up for you today.

The new firmware for the Nikon V1 and J1 cameras brings either model up to version A 1.11 and B 1.10. In both cases, a problem with flash overexposure has been addressed, either for the Nikon J1's built-in strobe, or for the Speedlight SB-N5 strobe with the V1.

In addition, a V1-specific issue with the camera not functioning correctly when switching between LCD and EVF shooting is said to have been solved. This problem manifested itself solely when manual focus assist zoom was in use.

Nikon has also updated Camera Control Pro to version 2.10.0. The new release adds support for the upcoming Nikon D4 SLR. There are also several changes made in preparation for D4 availability: support for Bulb shutter speed, exposure preview and white balance (LV) for Photo Live View. In addition, Nikon has added the ability for D4 shooters to select the main exposure variables for movie recording--shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, and exposure compensation. Finally, the Movie sub-tab has been promoted to become a top-level tab.

Mac users, take note: the new version additionally adds support for OS X 10.7 at the expense of OS X 10.4 support on your platform.

Downloads can be found on Nikon's websites: