my Picturetown courts Facebook, Twitter users


posted Friday, February 17, 2012 at 12:34 PM EST

Nikon's logo. Click here to visit the Nikon website!A new update to Nikon's my Picturetown photo sharing service aims to make it easier for users to share their photos with friends and family on popular social network sites.

The latest iteration of my Picturetown now has stronger ties to Facebook. It allows you to post album links to the popular social network, or to automatically send links to your Facebook friends. A new Facebook app lets you view photos and shared albums directly on the site. Additionally, 1-series camera owners can link to Motion Snapshot files from their cameras, which can be played directly from Facebook. You can also now post album links to Twitter, or send them via email, and there are some new templates for shared albums.

Gold account members who're paying for service get some extra features. They can password-protect albums that have been shared via Facebook or email, and set photo download permissions at full or reduced size.