Nik Software updates support Lightroom 4, squash bugs


posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 4:07 PM EST

Nik Software's logo. Click here to visit the Nik Software website!With the release of Photoshop Lightroom 4 last night, it's time for third party plugin makers to update their products to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Adobe's photographer-friendly imaging application. Nik Software are impressively quick out of the gate with updates for a range of their products.

Updates are available today bringing Lightroom 4 compatibility to five different Nik products. These include Dfine 2.0, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro 3.0, Silver Efex Pro 2, and Viveza 2 on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

For most of the group, support for Lightroom 4 is the only change listed in the release notes. Two products get some additional bug fixes, though. Both the Windows and Mac updates for Silver Efex Pro 2 correct an issue with exporting multiple presets, and the Windows version also fixes a problem with content being pasted into a new document in Photoshop.  The Windows version of the HDR Efex Pro update also corrects bugs related to the Selective tool, layer naming, and metadata.

Updates for all five plugins can be downloaded from the Nik website.