Whatever Happened to Polaroid’s GL20 Sunglass Camera Designed by Lady Gaga?


posted Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 2:46 PM EST

I am one of those newshounds trained to follow up on stories. It is a nasty business, full of heartbreak and disillusionment. It is often a walk on the dark side of cyberland. But, as someone once said, after the news breaks, someone has to clean up the mess.
Today’s unfortunate follow-up involves none other than her highness, the Queen of Music, Lady Gaga. Long, long ago, back in January, 2011 at the big international Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Lady endorsed, with her name and cleavage, Polaroid’s Grey Line GL20 Sunglass Camera.
These sunglasses had a tiny built-in video camera and a pair of LCDs in the lenses, for image playback. It was unveiled, literally, from under a cloak, by the changeable Mademoiselle herself.
Well, Little Monsters, although the gorgeous Gaga collaborated with Polaroid, it is said for a year on this product, it couldn’t keep the Sunglass Camera from a well earned place in digital limbo. Maybe they were born that way, you know, products whose “15 minutes of fame” is never going to happen. It demonstrates the power of following up, when we see how easily yesterday’s highly, hyped, new product becomes today’s landfill.  
Clearly, it does not require Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot to figure out why the Polaroid GL20 Sunglass Camera never made it to the beaches of America. Just look at the picture of it!
Despite Lady G’s obvious attributes, the sunglasses themselves look like they were designed by a Polaroid accountant for his brother-in-law, the invisible man. Hadn’t anyone heard of Dior or Calvin Klein at Polaroid headquarters? It was 2011? Didn’t anyone at Polaroid have an iPhone?
And what were they thinking? If you’re going to make a sunglass camera, your target market is boys, hormonal young men, not fashionista women.
Inevitably, the wheels of fate ground the GL20s into dust. Less than a year after their big launch the sunglasses have sunk beneath the waves. Looking for them on Amazon or eBay, produced only the following sad epitaph: “Your search returned 0 items.”

UPDATE: We contacted Polaroid for a comment on the fate of the GL20 Sunglass Camera and received the following reply from a PR firm representing the company. (It was sent, no doubt, with a "Poker Face.")

The retail plans are still being developed as we complete product development. The GL20 Camera Glasses are a unique product and blend of technology and fashion and Polaroid will release them when they feel that all aspects are perfect; up to Polaroid and Lady Gaga's very high standards. We will share additional details once more information becomes available.