The Camera Bag: This Mini Canon 5D Mark III Shoots 5MP Photos and HD Video


posted Monday, April 9, 2012 at 12:07 PM EST

We've seen lots of miniaturized digital SLRs in our day but most of them are for looks only. This mini Canon 5D Mark III clone can actually shoot images and HD video.

Made in Japan by Thanko and available via GeekStuff4U for $185.88, the shrunken Canon 5D III look-a-like can shoot 5MP still images (2560x1920 resolution) and 720p HD video at 30p.

(We're not sure about image quality though; the CMOS sensor inside must be quite tiny.)

Known officially as the Mame Cam XL DSLR Movie Camera with LCD, the lilliputian camera has a 1.5-inch, 480x240 LCD screen, 4x digital zoom, and uses micro SD cards. Dimensions of this toy camera are 154x135x105mm and it weighs just 155 grams.

The camera comes with a suction cup overhead mount, allowing you to attach it to your windshield and record yourself cruising through the Alps, or just going down to the corner store. A motion detection mode turns this mini 5D knock-off into a security camera; while an AV OUT cable lets you hook it up to a computer and watch what's being recorded live.

(Via Photo Rumors via Akihabara News)