The Most Bizarre Cameras on Earth (So Far)


posted Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 9:59 AM EST

Pasting a 100-year-old folding camera on a 24-megapixel Digital SLR may seem the height of strangeness. Don’t bet on it. You'll find it's just the tiniest tip of an iceberg of photographic oddity if you check out this photo gallery of "The World's Strangest Cameras."

Here are a few from the list we found interesting (to say the least). 

There's the artist Wafaa Bilal, who had a camera mount implanted in the back of his skull under his skin. He wanted it for an art project he was planning called The 3rd I. He was going to stand in a museum in Qatar and stream real images from his “headset.” Wisely, his body thought better of it and rejected the idea and the implant.
When Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence lost an eye in a shotgun accident, he had a tiny digital camera installed in the empty socket. The camera is not connected to Rob’s sensory system but sends images to a receiver instead. All I can say is here’s looking at you Rob, eh?  
On a less body intrusive note, recently deceased hermit photographer, Miroslav Tichy of Prague, decided to build cameras out of waste materials like shoeboxes, tin cans, cigarette boxes, toilet paper rolls. He made his own Plexiglas lenses and polished them with ash and toothpaste. A true Garbageflex, he used his trash cameras to take “voyeuristic, dreamy photos of young woman.”  
Wayne Martin Belger dances very close to the edge and perhaps has gone one step over. For a series of photographs of extremely pregnant women, he built a 4x5 camera pinhole camera. It is made out of some of the usual bits of stuff like aluminum and acrylic and then attached the heart of a dead infant. There are more details available about this camera but let us just leave it as this is not a camera for the squeamish or the faint of heart.

See more of these bizarre cameras here.

(Via Chase Jarvis)