Photographer Bob Carey’s Tutu Project Featured on NBC’s Today Show


posted Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 1:59 PM EST

Pink-tutu-san-franciscoIn April, we told our readers the story of Bob and Linda Carey and their Tutu Project to raise money for breast cancer programs by selling Bob’s self-portraits of himself in a variety of odd locations, wearing nothing more than a silly pink Tutu.

The project grew out of Linda’s battle with cancer that started nine years ago. After three years of treatment for breast cancer, she had thought that she had it beaten, only to discover six years ago that the cancer had spread to her liver.

Since then, she has had to undergo radiation treatments every three weeks. Bob always goes to the clinic with her, bringing his most recent pink Tutu pictures to share with the other cancer patients. The sweetness and joy in his images always brings a smile to their faces and for many, a moment of comfort, in their arduous treatment regimes.
In the original post, we urged everyone to support this very worthy photographic fundraising activity and now Bob and Linda have been featured in a 7-minute segment on NBC’s Today Show. It is an opportunity for readers to see and hear this story in Bob and Linda’s own words. (You can watch the Today Show clip at the end of this story.)
At the heart of this story is a reminder for all of us of photography’s power to lift the human spirit and to make a real difference in people’s lives.
We here at Imaging Resource are very proud of photographer Bob Carey and hope that whatever small part we played in helping to get his story out, has made a difference too.
We trust that Bob and Linda’s appearance on the Today show will give the Tutu Project a big bump and help them reach their fundraising goal of $150,000. You can help too by going to the Tutu Project web page yourself.
And, of course, all of us here at Imaging Resource send our best wishes and our prayers to Linda in support of her ongoing struggle.

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