The Camera Bag: Papa Hemingway Would Love the Rustic Tommy Camera Bag


posted Friday, June 15, 2012 at 4:43 PM EDT

Property of tommycamera-orange 1 logoWe like this trend of camera bags looking more stylishly subtle these days. Earlier this month we told you about The Camps Bay camera bag from ONA that looked like it belonged in a J. Petermen catalog. Now, here's the tastefully rustic Tommy Camera Bag from Property Of… that wouldn't look out of place dangling over the shoulder of Ernest Hemingway in an old photo.

And like we always say, if it's good enough for Papa Hemingway, it's good enough for us. The Tommy Camera Bag has a wax coated cotton canvas outer shell and removable padded microfibre partitions inside (very old school/new school) that you can customize as you'd like.

There's a Large version ($199) of the Tommy Camera Bag that will hold a digital SLR or a Rangefinder camera with two lenses. The Small version will fit a pocket camera, Compact System Camera, or a small DSLR and a couple lenses.

The bags have adjustable cotton shoulder straps; heavy YKK nylon zippers; and a front pocket and a back storage pocket for stuffing small extras, such as lens cloths or batteries.

The bags come in Coal, Dark Tan, or Orange. Grab one here and hitch a ride on the next tramp steamer to Europe in search of high adventure.

(Via HypeBeast)