Download this free photo checklist to improve your child photography


posted Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 5:20 PM EDT

Charlie-skateboard-logoEveryone loves taking pictures of their kids but, most of the time, child photos are pretty much the same types of snapshots again and again.

Have you ever wanted to be better at child photography and capture some cherished memories of your kids? While learning proper photo technique is part of the battle, much of it is just knowing when to shoot.

Of course, with everyone's busy schedules, it's hard to remember what sorts of shots of your kids you'd like to capture.

That's why we like the below photo checklist, listing "50 photos to take with your kids."

No, it's not a set of rules or the "be all, end all" of child photography, but it should help you record all those precious moments with your camera.

Read it below and download the full checklist for yourself here.

(Via simple as that)

Child photo checklist