The Camera Bag: Pimp out your Nikon 1 camera with this new specialty art service


posted Monday, July 30, 2012 at 8:44 AM EDT

Pimp-your-camera-girl n-logoIf you didn't think the snazzy Nikon 1 mirrorless compact camera system was already blinged out enough, a new service called PimpYourCam offers a way to give it some extra style.

PimpYourCam is a collaboration between German photographer and author Jens Brüggemann and airbrush artist Torsten Rachu. The pair will transform your Nikon 1 using "special paints and coatings [that] guarantee the long term durability of the design," according to a press release for PimpYourCam posted on Nikon Rumors.

While the service now only seems to be web-based (there's a Facebook page), select photo specialty retailers will start selling the uniquely designed cameras soon, according to the press release.


"The customer can choose the design they would like from the selection provided on the PIMPYOURCAM.COM internet site," the release states. "The design will be deleted from the system immediately following the receipt of the order in order to guarantee uniqueness. It is also possible to add an individual design (for example a company logo)."

More examples of the results are below.

(Via Nikon Rumors)