Quik Pod Extreme turns the tables on GoPro videographers


posted Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 1:46 PM EST

Fromm Works' Quik Pod Extreme LD camera platform. Photo provided by Fromm Works Inc.Action camera heavyweight Woodman Labs offers a staggering selection of camera mounts for its GoPro-series cameras. You can chest-mount your GoPro, wear it on your wrist, put it on your head or a helmet, attach it to surf boards or bike handlebars, and plenty more besides. All these mounting options have one thing in common. While they're great for getting shots of the action around you from all angles, they're less than ideal for getting a wide-angle view of yourself in the midst of all that action--unless, that is, you're on a vehicle of some kind. Otherwise, you're pretty-much limited to shooting at arm's length, and even with the GoPro's wide-angle lenses, that's a bit close to get a sense for what's happening around you.

Two new products from Buffalo, New York-based Fromm Works Inc., creator of the Quik Pod self-portrait camera platform that launched back in 2008, aim to step into the breach, turning the GoPro videographer into video subject. (And perhaps, in the process, to piggyback on a little of the GoPro's popularity.)

The Quik Pod Extreme HD can even be used underwater. Photo provided by Fromm Works Inc.

The Quik Pod Extreme HD can even be used underwater.
Photo provided by Fromm Works Inc.

The Quik Pod Extreme HD and Extreme LD, launching at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow in Salt Lake City later this week, let you put your GoPro--or, for that matter, any other tripod-mountable camera of suitable weight--on the end of a monopod that aims the camera back at you. The Quik Pod Extreme LD is crafted from stainless steel, said to be waterproof for underwater use, and extends to a maximum of 38 inches. A small mirror at the base of the tripod mount helps you keep yourself in the picture, even if your camera of choice lacks an articulated LCD for self-portrait framing. The Extreme HD, meanwhile, switches to aircraft-grade aluminum, and has a longer maximum extension of 53 inches.

Pricing and availability haven't yet been announced. More details in the press release below...

The Quik Pod Extreme LD is made from stainless steel; its sibling from aircraft aluminum. Photo provided by Fromm Works Inc. Click for a bigger picture!

The Quik Pod Extreme LD is made from stainless steel; its sibling from aircraft aluminum.
Photo provided by Fromm Works Inc.

Press Release

Original Monopod Developer, Quik Pod®, Officially Launches at Outdoor Retailer, Exhibiting Two New Products

The original handheld extendable monopod developer, Quik Pod, to unveil two new product versions at booth PV497 during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 in Salt Lake City.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) July 31, 2012--Hitting up the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City this week? Extend your experience. Quik Pod®, the patented and world's first handheld monopod camera extender, is excited to officially launch its product line at the Salt Palace Convention Center, August 2-5, exhibiting two new monopod products and a smartphone adapter (Booth PV497).

With Quik Pod, asking strangers to take a picture on vacation or missing the opportunity to capture the moment is a thing of the past. Weighing only 3.5 ounces, the Quik Pod is manufactured using high quality polycarbonate and aluminum components for lifetime guaranteed strength and portability.

Attendees can visit the Quik Pod Booth PV497 to learn about the patented technology behind its extendable handheld monopods and tripods and check out these exciting new products:

  • Quik Pod Extreme HD (53" extended, airplane grade aluminum) is a lightweight, extendable sports, GoPro monopod with a handle that allows you to capture your own action shots. Diving, snowboarding, tandem paragliding, the possibilities are endless! The ideal accessory for extreme sports, all users need to do is slip it into a gear bag and get ready for action!

  • Quik Pod Extreme LD (38"stainless steel) is both GoPro® compatible, waterproof, rugged and designed with Swiss Precision. A self-image mirror is built in to this monopod for proper centering of photos and videos, and it can be also used with all types of cameras including DSLR, point and shoot, POV cameras, ILC cameras and smartphones.

Both the Quik Pod Extreme HD and LD have the capability to accept regular standard tripod legs and have a Quick Release Camera Mount, allowing users to snap on and off the Quik Pod with ease.

Every camera in the world fits on a Quik Pod – including smartphone cameras. Using Quik Pod with a smartphone is a snap with the Quik Pod Mobile Professional Smartphone Tripod Adapter. The device, also on display at the booth, allows for iPhones, Android and Windows phones to work with all camera extender Quik Pods. With dual facing cameras, users can capture the background image and get more people in. The highest resolution camera is the one that faces the rear - so users get to use the best camera on the smartphone while staying centered using Quik Pod's patented self-image mirror.

To find out more about Quik Pod and its patented technology, please visit: http://quikpod.com.

About Fromm Works, Inc.
Fromm Works, Inc. is an invention and design company that has marketed more than fifty successful commercial products including Quik Pod, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Magic Talking Mirror and Nesquik’s Magic Milkshake Maker. Fromm Works is a supporter of Starlight Children’s Foundation, and a member of DEMA and PMA.