Got burning questions for camera companies? We’ll get you answers at Photokina.


posted Monday, September 17, 2012 at 1:45 PM EST

If you could ask a product manager at any camera company any question you wanted, what would it be?

We landed today in Cologne, Germany, for what's shaping up to be the biggest Photokina in recent memory. Full-frame goes mainstream, video and still imaging continue their courtship, while camera manufacturers continue to experiment with wifi and in-camera apps. Who said the post-cellphone photography era would be dull?

The groundbreaking product announcements from the industry's heavy hitters have brought their share of debate and discussion already, with varying degrees of (mis)information. As we have in the past, we've got a stellar lineup of interviews this week with influential executives at almost all of the major camera companies. There's a ton of burning questions we want to ask, but we want to give you, our readers, the chance to sound off, too.

Post your questions below, or tweet them to @IR_Lab. We'll take the best ones and get the answers for you, straight from the source. 

We'll transcribe the interviews as fast as we can this week, and should have the articles up soon. Our interview schedule so far:

Tuesday (completed)

Wednesday (completed)

Thursday (completed)

Thanks for all your questions! We just started posting our in-depth interviews here on IR. Be sure to check them out.