Better videos, faster: MAGIX ships Movie Edit Pro 2013


posted Monday, October 1, 2012 at 9:53 AM EDT


Want to spend less time editing your videos, and more time shooting and watching them? That's what the latest release of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro promises, according to its creator, Germany's MAGIX AG. The company says that Movie Edit Pro 2013 has been reengineered to be "faster and more powerful than ever before", letting you put together your videos in less time.

Performance improvements are said to be apparent throughout the application. MAGIX claims it has been able to double export speeds for AVCHD video compared to those from the previous release, through both code optimizations and by better using the processing power available in modern PC graphics cards. There are also changes to the user interface that reduce clutter and make it quicker to achieve your goals, such as the ability to place audio and video on the same track as each other, and a new Quick File Access feature in the Media Pool.

The Timeline view in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013.

Other changes include support for 50p AVCHD Progressive video, a redesigned chroma key function, multi-cam video editing tools, an improved preview rendering capability, and a variety of new movie templates, intros, outros, and decorative options to add some style to your movies.

Available immediately, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 is priced at US$70 for the stripped-down Classic version, US$80 for a Plus version that adds screen capture capability, support for more tracks, secondary color correction, slow-mo and blur effects, movie templates, multi-cam editing and more, and US$130 for a Premium bundle including BlueFX Video Essentials, digieffects Phenomena, and proDAD Adorage 13 plugins. All prices are for downloaded versions, and physical CDs are an extra US$15 plus shipping. The three bundles also include MAGIX Photo Manager MX version 11 free of charge.

For the first time, MAGIX is also offering discounted pricing for customers switching from other products such as Pinnacle Studio HD, Corel VideoStudio or Sony Vegas. You'll need to provide the serial number to the other product and pledge not to sell it or give it away, but if you do so you can get MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus for US$50, a discount of some 37.5% over standard pricing.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 includes DVD authoring capabilities.