Two cool time-lapse videos of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s trip through LA’s streets


posted Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 9:06 AM EDT


Every time we promise to cool it on the time-lapse videos, we find another one we think is impressive enough to share with IR's readers. In this case it's two amazing time-lapse videos of the same event: Space Shuttle Endeavour's trip through the streets of Los Angeles before arriving at its final destination at the California Science Center.

Embedded below is a clip entitled "Mission 26 The Big Endeavour" by cinematographer Matthew Givot and his team who spent most of last week fueled by adrenaline (and no sleep), setting up and filming Endeavour's slow-moving journey.

You can also click this link to see the Los Angeles Times' time-lapse of the 12-mile Shuttle trip, which began at Los Angeles International Airport, travelled through Englewood, and ended at the Science Center in Exposition Park.

And if you like both of those videos, you'll probably also enjoy this mesmerizing regular speed (aka non-time-lapse) clip of Endeavour soaring over California on the back of a jumbo jet.