The Camera Bag: Photo Cube iPhone Photo Printer


posted Monday, October 22, 2012 at 11:25 AM EST


There are lots of ways to print photos off your iPhone but most of them are more complicated than necessary. The Photo Cube, on the other hand, provides a simple solution for getting your iPhone shots output quickly as high-quality, 4x6-inch photo prints.

This straight forward dye-sub printer is controlled via a free app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just dock your iPhone or iPod Touch onto the Photo Cube, touch the app's print button and out comes your photo in less than a minute.

If you have a bunch of square Instagram or Hipstamatic shots you want to output onto one sheet, the Photo Cube will let you print four or ten shots on one 4x6-inch photo print.

The dock-style device is about the size of large box of tissues so doesn't take up too much desktop real estate. It also will charge up your docked iPhone or iPod Touch. The Photo Cube can connect to a Android phone via a mini-USB cable and works with an iPad.

Get it here for $159.

(Via Shut Up and Take My Money)


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