Canon Pro-10 pigment printer vote is in


posted Monday, November 5, 2012 at 6:51 PM EDT


If the dye-based Pro-100 was something of a hybrid between the Pro-1 and the Pro9000 Mark II, the Pro-10 is more a Pro9500 Mark II updated with a few Pro features for the photographer who doesn't need to make 13x19 prints every day. You get the improved media handling of the Pro series without the overhead and expense of the tank system on the Pro-1.

It's hard not to like a printer as well-built as any of Canon's new Pro-series models. But we did have a little trouble with the Pro-10, swinging our vote up and down as we wrestled with it.

Our comparison prints illustrate that issue. But we've also gone off the deep end with 1200-dpi detail scans of some prints just to add to the fun. The scans are representative of the issues they illustrate but, having been sampled and JPEGed, aren't exactly what you see through a loupe, of course.

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