Fresh 4K footage shot with Canon EOS-1D C shows impressive resolution and sharpness (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 12:41 PM EST


The 4K-shooting Canon EOS-1D C has been slowly making its way to photographers and videographers who have been showing off its mind-blowing video results at online sharing sites. The latest Canon 1D C clip to hit the Internet is the short film below, shot by videographer Ben Silberfarb, which he has posted on Vimeo.

Yes, it's merely a clip of a record player (remember those?) playing a record, and it's been downsampled to 1080p before being recompressed by Vimeo, but check out the impressive resolution and sharpness captured by this ultra-high definition, 18.1-megapixel Canon Cinema EOS DSLR.

Here's what Silberfarb has to say about how he shot the EOS-1D C test video:

"Shot at 4k. Pans and zooms done in post. Neutral picture profile - no Canon log, no color correction, straight from camera into Premiere Pro, edited at 4k, then exported to 1080p, then Vimeo/YouTube compression (which kills images). Regardless, I really like this camera! Love the latitude to zoom and pan! With c-log I'm getting approx. 12.5 stops of range."

But don't get too excited when you watch this clip. The Canon EOS-1D C still has a budget-busting list price of $15,000.