Sony NEX-F3 review: Put yourself in the picture with this entry-level mirrorless camera


posted Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 9:36 PM EDT

Are you the designated photographer for your family? If so, there's a good chance something is missing from your photo albums: you. Fulfilling the duties of family record-keeper means you spend almost all your time behind the lens, making an occasional appearance only for posed, tripod-mounted shots. The Sony NEX-F3 aims to solve the problem with an updated, tilting LCD panel that can now be seen from in front of the camera, putting you back into the family album.

That's not the only worthwhile update over Sony's previous entry-level mirrorless model, either. There's also a built-in popup flash that saves you from carrying an external strobe, and a restyled body with a much more prominent handgrip. And as you'd expect of a NEX-series camera, the Sony F3 offers great image quality, despite a pricetag even the family photographer can justify.

So... is it high time you upgraded your camera for a new NEX? Read our Sony NEX-F3 review, and find out!