National Geographic photographer’s unbelievable encounter with vicious predator in Antarctica (VIDEO)


posted Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 4:29 PM EST


We've posted quite a few amazing underwater photography videos here before but this story might be the most unbelievable yet.

In the clip (embedded below), National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen talks about his encounter with one of Antartica's most vicious predators, the Leopard Seal.

On assignment in the antarctic to photograph the Leopard Seal in its native environment, Nicklen spots a behemoth Leopard seal, which his guide says is the biggest he's ever seen. "Time to get in the water, ya," Nicklen's guide tells him.

With Nicklen's hands shaking so badly he can barely hold onto his underwater rig, the seal puts its huge mouth over his entire camera and starts making "threat displays."

But what happens next is what's most amazing and surprising. The question you might be asking after watching the video: so did Nicklen end up eating the penguin?

Check it out below.