Nikon V1 mirrorless, D4 DSLR improved with new firmware; Capture NX software updated


posted Monday, February 11, 2013 at 1:44 PM EDT

Several key camera firmware and software updates recently issued by Nikon fix a variety of bugs and should bring an improved user experience for photographers. In all, the updates cover the Nikon V1 mirrorless camera, the professional Nikon D4 digital SLR, and the Capture NX 2 application that's available to accompany the company's various compact and SLR camera models.

For the Nikon V1, the new firmware v1.21 fixes one specific problem. Acording to Nikon, if you looked at the live view display on the rear-panel LCD or through the viewfinder immediately after attaching a lens and powering the camera on, it sometimes appeared to "move" -- presumably an artifact of the stabilization system. That has now been corrected. More details and the download itself can be found on the Nikon V1 v1.21 update page.

The Nikon D4, meanwhile, addresses autofocus with its new firmware A:1.04 / B:1.02. Specifically, performance of phase-detect autofocus tracking in continuous-servo mode has been improved. No other changes are noted in this new release, which can be downloaded from the Nikon D4 update page.

The Nikon D4 should track moving subjects better with the latest firmware.

Finally, Capture NX v2.4.0 fixes an issue that could, in rare cases, prevent the display of JPEG images. It also adds support for the recently-announced Nikon J3 and S1 mirrorless cameras, and for underwater white balance if a particular image was shot with a camera supporting underwater shooting. The color of images adjusted to use flash white balance post-capture has also been improved. More details and the download can be found on the Capture NX v2.4.0 update page.