Canon S100 and S110 firmware updates resolve control ring issues, WiFi operation


posted Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 11:59 AM EST

It's been more than a year now since Canon's PowerShot S100 first hit the market, but the company is still showing the premium compact -- and its owners -- some love with a new firmware update that aims to resolve control problems with the camera's lens ring. Much the same problem is also fixed in a simultaneous firmware release for the follow-up Canon S110, and that camera receives a slight tweak to its Wi-Fi operation, as well.

Before the new firmware is applied, Canon notes that both the S100 and S110 could fail to adjust the focal length when controlling step zoom with the lens ring, if the ring was turned slowly. Step zoom operation is the default function for the ring in Auto, Scene and Movie modes on both cameras. According to the company, not all bodies would exhibit this issue, but those for which it was a problem should find the ring now operates correctly with the new firmware.

Canon's PowerShot S100 premium compact has just received its second firmware update, more than a year after it hit the market.

For the Canon S110, the Wi-Fi functionality has been adjusted so that when the camera is serving as an access point for an iOS 5 or 6 device, it will not drop the connection after a minute's inactivity. A simultaneous update of the Canon Camera Window app for iOS is needed, and this removes the sharing functionality, something Canon says was necessary due to changes in Apple's operating system.

More details can be found on the Canon website at the links below: