Internet photo meme of the day is sexy travel series of guy following his girlfriend


posted Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 2:59 PM EST


The Instagram photo meme of the day is a fun and sexy series of images of a photographer being led around the world by his girlfriend. Called "Follow Me To," the travel series is by Russian photographer Murad Osmann, showing him taking the hand of his girlfriend as they visit a variety of exotic (and familiar) global locales including Venice, London, Moscow, Berlin, and one of the Disney theme parks.

In the point-of-view travel images, Osmann's girlfriend always has her back turned to the camera, with her long red hair falling over her shoulders or tied up in a pony tail. (If you want to see what she looks like from the front, here's her Instagram feed.)

"We started this project spontaneously in Barcelona," Osmann told Imaging Resource. "She was dragging me away as I was taking photos of everything. That didn't stop me and I took a picture of her pulling me."

Yes, it's all a bit voyeuristic and the images lean too much on HDR for our tastes -- hey, it's Instagram! -- but you've got to hand to Osmann for coming up with a clever way to make friends and followers jealous of his jet-setting lifestyle.

Check out Osmann's fabulous commercial photography here. (One of the nicest portfolio sites we've seen.)

(Via My Modern Met)

(All images used with permission by the photographer.)