Prepare to drool at these rare cameras going up for auction at WestLicht


posted Friday, March 1, 2013 at 3:55 PM EDT


If you want to experience a serious case of camera envy, check out this preview of WestLicht's upcoming auction of rare camera models.

We've featured WestLicht highlights before -- including this video where three vintage Leicas sold for a combined $4.7 million -- and there's always some astounding photo gear put on the auction block in Vienna, Austria.

For the 23rd WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction, which will take place in Vienna on May 25, 2013, we've picked out the following five amazing cameras below with some of WestLicht's descriptions in the caption. To see the rest of the drool-worthy preview, click here.

And if rare camera collecting is your thing, check out this short documentary on the ultimate camera collector.

(Via Reddit)

Leica III Mod. F LUXUS 'Karl Henkell'

"Unique outfit of original Leitz gold plated 'Luxus' camera with brown lizard leather covering and 2 gold plated lenses." Estimated auction price: 250,000 - 300,000 EUR



"Very rare, early authentic for NASA modified 500 EL/M with black anodised finish (original camera, not a replica). It is from the second generation NASA motor-driven cameras which was taken on Skylab 3 and Skylab 4 missions in 1973." Estimated auction price: 50,000 - 60,000 EUROS


M2 Black Paint + New York Motor Drive

"Very early black painted M2 with lever rewind, converted to accept the New York Motor Drive 14000, including original New York Motor Drive no.02474 and maker's box with matching number of body and motor, both in mint condition." Estimated auction price: 14,000 - 16,000 EUROS


Chambre Automatique de Bertsch Outfit

"Recently discovered, unique complete outfit in fantastic original condition. Camera for 6x6cm wetplate with original lens and all accessories (even with unused and exposed plates), with wooden camera case which houses the equipment and chemicals to prepare and develop plates, also with the wooden outer case which was used as a darkroom with sticker 'CHAMBRE Automatique de Bertsch.'" Estimated auction price: 100,000 - 120,000 EUROS


Leica IIIf black paint 'Swedish Army'

"Only 100 cameras with special black painted Elmar 3.5/5cm were manufactured for the Swedish military in 1956, they were winterised to enable them to function in Arctic conditions. This camera is in 100% mint original, never restored condition with matching black Elmar 3.5/5cm no.1427110." Estimated auction price: 50,000 - 60,000 EUROS